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What is Direct Primary Care?
Direct Primary Care, or DPC for short, is a simple idea that solves a very complex problem. It’s clear that the current system doesn’t seem to care about providing great care to the most important person in the equation- YOU. Have you ever scheduled an appointment, months in advance, only to sit in the waiting room for an hour, followed by a rushed 10-minute doctor visit? Or, after negotiating a time consuming “phone tree”, had to leave a message that took days to get a call back? Unfortunately, that seems to be par for the course these days.

DPC is different.

As a DPC patient, you develop a relationship with a doctor that knows you. No more scheduling months in advance; your DPC doctor is at your fingertips. If you need an in-person visit, you can usually book one the same day. If you need an answer to your question or an explanation of a visit you had with a specialist, you can talk directly to your doctor.

Your doctor will stay on top of your health: running preventative tests, diagnosing sickness, prescribing medicines, and addressing any health concerns or questions you have; and—if necessary—coordinating your care with specialists and hospitals. The vast majority of DPC doctors also give you the ability to text them with questions!

How is this possible? By cutting insurance out of the picture. Insurance is fundamentally incompatible with providing compassionate care.


Andrew W. Garner, MD

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Andrew Garner

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