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Twin Bridges Council Invites All Members to Participate

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My name is Terry Hamlin, of Merchant Pro Express, and I am honored to serve as the volunteer Chair of the Saratoga County Chamber’s Twin Bridges Council for 2020.

I am the fourth person since the Twin Bridges Council was formed to serve as the chair following the lead of: Jessica Petraccione, of First National Bank of Scotia; Kevin Hedley, of Hedley & Company; and Leah Ferrone, who is now with the Adirondack Trust Company but at the time was with the Clifton Park – Halfmoon EMS.

Here’s what makes the Twin Bridges Council unique:

Meetings of the Twin Bridges Council are open to all members of the Saratoga County Chamber!

Yes, EVERY member is welcome. Every member can attend and can speak out. When the Council takes action, every member in attendance gets to vote.

The Twin Bridges Council is every members chance to be in the room where it happens and to decide what actions the Saratoga County Chamber will take to help its members to succeed, grow and thrive.

I want to personally invite you to join the Twin Bridges Council.

To do so in advance, you can simply send an email to Denise Romeo at or Liz Roggenbuck at They will add you to the email distribution list so that you receive advance notifications of all meetings.

You can also simply show up at any of the regular meetings in 2020 as noted in the calendar below.

You DO NOT have to attend every meeting. When you can join us, we hope you will.

We’ve designed the Twin Bridges Council to be the most open, inclusive, flexible and engaging chamber governing body anywhere.

Those who show up at Twin Bridges Council meetings will decide what actions we take and what programs we run.

The Saratoga County Chamber was founded more than 100 years ago. Their focus and mission is not changing. They are committed 100% to helping their members and growing Saratoga County’s economy.

In 2020, the Twin Bridges Council will help the Saratoga County Chamber to do more than ever before, particularly for those of us who live and work in communities like Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Mechanicville, Waterford, Malta, etc.

The Saratoga County Chamber now has offices in Clifton Park. They’ve hired seasoned Chamber professionals who live in our communities to work in this office. They’re organizing more and more programs every day based on the advice they are getting from the Twin Bridges Council.

This is an exciting time to be a member of the Saratoga County Chamber and the Twin Bridges Council.

I hope you will say yes to this invitation.

Calendar of Twin Bridges Council Meetings in 2020 include the following Fridays: 1/31, 3/27, 5/22, 7/24, 9/25, 11/20. 

Please note: All council meetings will be from 8 to 9 a.m. The locations will vary and everyone who registers to participate will be notified. 
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