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Saratoga County Chamber Gifts New Field House to US Navy

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Today, the US Navy's Naval Support Activity - Saratoga Springs, hosted a ribbon cutting as they opened a new Field House, on their base, in Saratoga Springs. Using state funds secured by Senator Kathy Marchione, the Saratoga County Chamber led by Denise Romeo, our Executive Vice President, worked tirelessly with federal, state, county and local elected officials to secure the services of Munter Enterprises to design and build this 7,700 square foot structure.

Below is the opening speech delivered by Ms. Susan Carey, Executive Director Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, thanking everyone in the community that made this possible.

"Good morning, everyone!  What a brisk morning in New York.  I find the snow to be beautiful and the air fresh and crisp.  I am very happy to be here with you, celebrating this grand occasion.
Thank you to CDR Boice, for inviting me.  It is always my please to get out of the Region Office and spend time with the communities we serve and the sailors, civilians, and families that we cherish.
Welcome all, to Naval support Activity, Saratoga Springs.  Before I go on, I would like to thank a special group of people who made today a possibility:
  • NY State Senator, Kathleen Marchione
  • NY State Assemblywoman, Carrie Woerner
  • City of Saratoga Springs Mayor, Meg Kelly
  • Chairman of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, Todd Shimkus
  • Saratoga County Board of Supervisors, Mr. Ed Kinowski
  • Chairman of the Saratoga County Veteran’s Business Council, Ms. Karen Charbonneau
  • Public Works Officer for Naval Subbase New London, CDR Matthew Williams
I want to thank you all for being here with us today! 

Today is special because we are here to recognize a 3-year collaborative effort that brings to life the Saratoga Springs Field House.  We, the Navy, stand with the state of New York, The Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, the Saratoga Mayor and the Saratoga County Veteran’s Business council to accept this gracious gift, a much-needed field house.  What a facility it is!

This has been and continues to be a perfect example of partnerships at their best. We share much with the community of Saratoga Springs.

I would also be remiss if I did not recognize “Munter Enterprises”, for without their craftsmanship, we would have no fieldhouse. We are looking at 7,700 square foot multi-use space that was completed in just 6 months.  Thank you Munter Enterprises!

So let’s talk a little about NSA Saratoga Springs.  The installation opened on October 1 of 2011 to support Naval Nuclear Power Training.  Today, we support more than 93,000 active duty, civilians, retirees, reservist, veterans and family members from portions of New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.

This field house will answer a great need.  It will host sports and recreation, military training and exercises for our security forces and real world drills.  It will allow us to host community events, holiday gatherings, and Nuclear Power Training Graduation ceremonies.  This building will enhance our community in a multitude of ways.

Grants such as these and partnerships like this, show the depth and devotion of our state, local and civic organizations to the United States Navy. 
Navy Region Mid-Atlantic is humbled and grateful!

At a time when the military faces a great power competition and funding shortfalls; efforts such as this keep our young sailors motivated and energized.  Partnerships are key!

We are the World’s greatest Naval power and your gift and support enables our complex missions. 

We appreciate you, we value our strong relationship and again, we thank you!"

Below is a synopsis of the remarks delivered by Chamber President Todd Shimkus:

"I’m not sure she’ll remember this conversation. But a while ago as this project went from an idea to we might actually be able to do this, I shared with Denise Romeo my sense that of all the great accomplishments she had helped and will achieve in her Chamber career that this is the one she will talk about forever.
I spoke to John Munter the other night. You could hear just how seriously he, Mike and everyone at Munter Enterprises took their responsibility to construct this field house and to do something for those US Navy Sailors who are protecting us every day.
When she was texting me last week, I could almost see Kathy Marchione beaming with pride to have started this effort in the first place.  
There are so many others I could single out because Denise, Kathy, John and Mike all had help and support along the way.
They were helped by the US Navy. New York State. Saratoga County. The City of Saratoga Springs. Our elected officials at all levels. Our Veterans Business Council. The Chamber’s Board of Directors. The subcontractors and suppliers. This is one of those times when everyone said YES no matter what the question was.
It was a labor of love. It was an act of respect. It was our community coming together to say we love being a US Navy town. And while you are stationed here, we want US Navy personnel and their families to have access to safe places to recreate, learn, celebrate, work, play, and graduate.
So it is an honor to be here today. Like Kathy, we’re all beaming. Like John and Mike, we stand here today with respect for all of you who are protecting our nation. And like Denise, I suspect none of us will forget this special day.
But besides thanking everyone here today, I also feel obligated to issue a challenge.
So Commander Tejeda. We’re ready when you are to play dodgeball in the new Field House at NSA Saratoga Springs. Pick a day and a time. We’ll be here!"

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