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List of Local Non-Profits in URGENT NEED of your help!

List of Local Non-Profits in URGENT NEED of your help!

If you are a local Non-Profit in need of assistance during this time of crisis and would like to be added to this list, please email Devin Zurlo at 

Moreau Community Center
Donate! Your continued or new donations help to keep essential services running.  Your generosity helps to make sure that they can keep their staff at work as they work tirelessly to help our neighbors.   Volunteer!  With their Dial-a Bus shut down many neighbors still need food to be delivered.  If you’d like to help out with this process on Wednesdays please contact  Kelly Obermayer, Director of Development of the Moreau Community Center Office at 518-792-6007 Ext. 16 or email

American Red Cross
Are in urgent appeal for blood donations.  Thousands of drives across the country have been canceled as schools and businesses have gone remote, however patients still need blood products in hospitals. As of Monday, March 16 there have been 2,700 blood drives cancelled and 86,000 fewer blood donations.  Among the many challenges presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), one major effect has been a sharp decline in blood donations impacting our national blood supply.  They are in a critical shortage of blood products needed for patients in our hospitals.  Simply put, cancer patients may not have access to platelets and hospitals may not have blood products for patients in need. There are a few drives coming up in Saratoga Springs and we would welcome your support to promote the drives to help patients in need-
  • Saratoga City Center- March 24, April 7, 14, and 21 from 12 to 6 pm 

All blood drives will be listed on  

Saratoga County EOC
Are currently looking for monetary donations so that they can replenish their rapidly diminishing food supply by purchasing food at the Regional Food Bank. Through the food bank, they can source most-needed items at reduced prices. A $10 donation stocks 50 pounds of food. Donate here.  The Pantry and The Kitchen at EOC remain open and committed to serving Saratoga County neighbors in need during COVID-19. They have expanded their services to include food delivery for Head Start families and families without transportation in school districts that aren't delivering as well as the elderly, disabled and immunocompromised who cannot get to The Pantry or The Kitchen.
Visit or call (518) 288-3206  to see how you can help! 

Shelters of Saratoga 
Are in desperate need of monetary donations. You can donate at the link here or call (518) 581-1097 
We know you care as much as we do about keeping everyone in our community safe.  Our shelters are close to capacity and we are doing everything humanly possible to comply with distance and good hygiene practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As such, Shelters of Saratoga has initiated a rapid response plan for this crisis, WE NEED YOUR HELP to protect all community members. Your support will help us purchase cleaning supplies, hand soap and hand sanitizer, outfit 8 motel rooms for proper social distancing of non-symptomatic individuals, outfit the newly leased Saratoga Senior Center with cleaning supplies and protective gear which are vital to creating a hygienic environment to lessen the spread of the virus if one of our guests or staff become ill, keep front line staff who are working extra hours and extra hard, safe and paid during this crisis, and increase our access to increasingly scarce food sources through bulk purchases 

The Salvation Army
Are currently moving 2000lbs of food a day through our Emergency Food Delivery System. Their biggest needs are financial donations to them (or to their location through the Regional Food Bank) to purchase food from the Regional Food Bank. Regional Food Bank foods are 16c/lb, so this greatly reduces the cost (and virus threat) of someone going to a store for supplies and helps to support the RFB! Call (518) 584-1640 or visit to make a donation today! 

Looking for online donations via credit card (link below) or checks made payable to Wellspring and mailed to 480 Broadway LL 20.  Monetary donations are incredibly important during times like this because it allow them to help their clients immediately with whatever their needs are at any given time, and all their needs are very different.  Donations will be crucial right now as they help clients navigate this ‘new normal’. They give Wellspring the ability to purchase gift cards which they can give to clients for whatever their basic needs are (food, medicine, gas to get to work etc.)  As hours get cut/eliminated they are going to see more and more need for this.
Gift cards. These are crucially important right now for all the reasons mentioned below (and could be a great way for people to also support local business!) If anyone is interested in purchasing gift cards for their clients, they can do so and then mail them to their office at 480 Broadway LL20, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Wellspring has an amazon wish list with items that are of highest priority for their clients. This is a fantastic option because people can extend their generosity from the comfort of their own home and the items can be delivered directly to Wellspring’s office. This is also a great tool because it allows them to continually update their needs based on their clients current and ever-changing circumstances. Click the following to view  Wellspring - amazon wish list or call (518) 583-0280 to see how you can help today!

Continues to operate 24/7 to serve the needs of our youth, adults, families and community to the best of their ability.  Support is more critical than ever! There is a serious need for emergency supplies, including latex powder-free gloves in all sizes, paper towels, hand sanitizers, masks, and basic hygiene supplies. For in-house recreation we are in need of new games, sport balls of all types, arts/crafts supplies, etc.  Any monetary contribution - no matter how small - will make a difference.  Donations are being accepted at or text a donation to 44321 Text 2020! follow the link. (518) 269-5646 

Franklin Community Center
Are asking for donations of juice, peanut butter, jelly, canned fruit, tuna, pasta sauce, Chef Boyrdee, pasta/egg noodles (egg noodles are better as they are a good source of protein) to be dropped off in the food donation bin in front of their building at 10 Franklin Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  For perishable items we are asking for monetary donations so that we can purchase meat, dairy and produce through Regional Food Bank.  You can make a donation at the following link or call (518) 587-9826 to see how you can help your neighbors today!

Mechanicville Area Community Services Center 
Those at the MACSC are doing all they can to continue safe support of their community.  You can continue helping their efforts from afar - all donations will go towards continued efforts to feed our community.  We are in this together.  We will get through this together.  We are an amazing community.  We can all support each other - even from our homes.  And if you are able, a donation here empowers us to continue coordination of food and basic needs for your friends and neighbors. Please visit the following link for more details on how you can help! or call (518) 664-8322 

Other specific requests that would be helpful at this time: Money to buy food, Food, Personal care items, Cat food, Canned veggies, .Pasta
Laptops (three more) for remote work – can’t be chromebooks, Headsets for staff from home (10 sets)

CAPTAIN Community Human Services
Right now their biggest need is for food and hygiene items.  Please make a donation which can be found at the link below or email to see how you can help! 

Town of Malta Food Pantry 
Please make an online contribution as 100% of the funds will be used to purchase food for the Town's food pantry. Demand for food from the Town's food pantry is on the rise. Click here to donate

Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region
Please consider posting this on your website. 100% of funds will be used to support community-based organizations serving those disproportionately affected by coronavirus. Click here to donate.

Regional Food bank of NENY
Are in need of donations and are seeking volunteers to help with sorting/re-boxing donations on their warehouse dock and help sort in their salvage room. Additional info can be found on our website:

Saratoga County Public Health Services
Early Intervention Program
- To assist with new approved teletherapy, they are looking for new or used iPads or tablets to distribute to families with children in need of services. Contact Kerry A. White, M.A., Director of Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs and Early Intervention Program Manager/EIOD
Tel: 518-584-7460 x8390

Brookside History Museum
Although our public and education programs have been temporarily suspended, people and businesses can still become members to support our organization.  Our staff and volunteers are still working hard to preserve and share our County's history through Social Media and other online venues.  We have daily information and are in the process of creating a number of online options for our programs and volunteering opportunities.
The link to join us is: 
Our Facebook page is:

Veterans & Community Housing Coalition
Is in need of food, cleaning supplies and paper products.  They are running very low on all.
Contact:  518-885-0091
20 Prospect St. Building 2 Suite 313
Ballston Spa, NY 12020


Moreau Community Center
The Center needs, now more than ever, financial assistance. Any size donation helps. The harsh truth is that with all our revenue-generating programs being shut down, we are running on our reserves and that money is dwindling quickly. We currently have 2/3 of our overall staff laid off, and are transitioning to reduced hours effective next week (w/o 3/30) for the remaining essential employees. We are strategically addressing our accounts payable, and have frozen all our ordering, but once again, these measures will only be effective for a short time.
It is a bleak truth. We are acutely aware of the stress and struggles that our community members are facing. We are committed to remaining open for our emergency food pantry and food programming, and our food reserves are still strong for the moment, but we will end up running dry of funding to maintain these programs. We have had tremendously generous neighbors make financial contributions via our website homepage,, but will need continued financial support if this stay-at-home order lasts or becomes more severe for more than another month or two.
We are actively compiling a list of those who have offered to volunteer and will rely on them if needed. At this point, our remaining staff can handle the needs of the Center, but should we need to continue with hours reductions or lay-offs, we will need to call upon those volunteers. Anyone interested can call Zac at 518-792-6007 x19 or email his at with name, phone number, and email address if applicable.
We cannot stress enough how grateful we are to our community, and again emphasize that we will be here to serve our community through this time for as long as we can. Any assistance than can be provided is welcomed and appreciated.
Be safe. Be well. Be kind.

The Wesley Community
Make a donation to the Wesley Health Care Center Resident Enrichment Fund which provides resources to enhance the quality of life of Wesley Health Care Center residents.
Make a donation to the Staff Emergency Fund which provides emergency resources to staff members of The Wesley Community during an unexpected time of need.
Make a donation of non-perishable food items, paper goods or toiletries. These items will be available for staff and independent residents who are in need or don’t have access to stores during their off-hours. Please call 518-691-1420 ahead of time before dropping off anything as we have strict campus visitation guidelines in effect and someone will need to meet you outside.
Make a general donation to The Wesley Foundation through our General Fund. To meet the challenge COVID-19 presents, both today and in the future, Wesley is incurring significant costs beyond our normal operating budget.
Purchase gift certificates in small increments from a local restaurant that we can use to order takeout for our dedicated staff. The staff is working diligently to keep residents safe and this would be a welcome treat. Please call ahead and let us know your plans so we can coordinate by calling 518-691-1420 or email
Link to donation form on their website:

Saratoga Senior Center 
The Saratoga Senior Center, while temporary closed to the public, is still providing essential services for seniors in Saratoga County.  
You can help us continue to support our seniors through financial contributions.  Any size donation helps.  Loss of revenue resulting from our building’s temporary closure has affected us deeply.  Staff continues to work remotely, as it is critical to support our most vulnerable seniors.  Core staff are working on a daily basis to ensure the health and well-being of seniors we serve, including reaching out to all of our seniors, coordinating care for basic needs and maintaining an online and social media presence to help seniors stay connected and engaged.  
Donations can be mailed to Saratoga Senior Center, 5 William St. Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, or online at  
You can also support the Center by becoming a member. Annual memberships are just $25. Become a member or renew your membership by visiting  
Volunteers are also needed. Please email for more info.  
The Center is committed to serving the community through all of this and any support received to help fulfill our mission is greatly appreciated. 


Pitney Meadows Community Farm 
Donate! Disasters hit the poor and vulnerable the hardest and we already know this is no different here in Saratoga. We are prepared to immediately mobilize a response by tripling our food donations to the Franklin Community Center Food Pantry Program, senior center deliveries, and the Saratoga County EOC Food Pantry. We are striving to increase our production to at least 15,000 pounds for our food pantries building on the lessons learned in our first growing season. We will use our food pantry client survey information to inform our seed and starts selections, grow more storage crops, plan for extending the season, and take steps to improve how we pack and deliver our donations to ensure food safety. Your gift today to support this effort allows Pitney Meadows to be agile, resilient, and responsive in a crucial time of need. 

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation 
Did you know that the oldest & largest Thoroughbred racehorse rescue in the country is headquartered right here in downtown Saratoga Springs?  The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) has 17 farms across the country and over 500 rescued and retired horses in our herd; you may have even seen some of them run at Saratoga Racecourse.  Eight of our farms are Second Chances Programs where our horses work with inmates in correctional facilities.  
The health and well-being of the herd is our focus which makes your support crucial during this difficult time.  Regardless of what is happening in the world, they need to be fed daily and we rely on our dedicated farm staff to show up and care for them.  
Your gift of any amount toward their care is critical.  Donations are urgently needed and gratefully accepted.  To give online click the following link. 
If you prefer to send a check please make it to TRF at P.O. Box 834, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.  12866.  
 We are extremely mindful of the human and economic crisis facing our nation. At the same time our mission at the TRF is to care for the horses entrusted to us. We speak for these beautiful animals and we would be remiss in our guardianship if we did not reach out on behalf of the 500+ Thoroughbreds in our herd during this critical time of need. 
Thank you for your compassion and understanding. 

SNACpack program at Saratoga School DistrictThe SNACPack Program needs your help now more than ever.  The SNACpack program (Saratoga Nutrition Assistance for Children) is designed to meet the needs of hungry childrewhen other resources are not available to them.  The program provides backpacks filled with food that is child-friendly, shelf-stable, and easily consumed.  Bags are packed each week by volunteers and discreetly distributed to participating children.  All 6 elementary schools, the middle and high schools are all working together to help our children who are considered chronically hungry.  Food & Monetary Donations can be sent to St. Clements Outreach Program at 231 Lake Ave, Saratoga Springs,NY 12866 or you can donate by clicking here.  For more information, please visit the SNACpack Program Facebook by clicking here.   See how you can volunteer today by visiting their website here. 


If you are a local Non-Profit in need of assistance during this time of crisis and would like to be added to this list, please email Devin Zurlo at 







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