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Keller Williams Capital District, Elizabeth Page

Keller Williams Capital District, Elizabeth Page

Real Estate Sales

About Us

My Promises to You

It is important for you to know the full value I will bring to you as your Licensed Real Estate Agent. Therefore, I would like you
to know the promises I will keep.

First and foremost, I have a solid reputation in my field as having utmost integrity. I am honest and trustworthy.

I am skilled in the art of negotiation, experienced, and come with the incredible support team within Keller Williams.

Clients have stated I bring professionalism, perseverance, passion and inspiration, and a ton of energy; whether you’re buying
or selling a home.

I go above and beyond the call of duty and truly care about my clients. I am good for my word and you will be able to depend
on me to get things done!

I promise to fiercely protect my fiduciary duties to you including; confidentiality, loyalty, honesty, and to actively listen and
communicate with you every step of the way.

My motto is to under-promise and over-deliver. You’ll be able to hold me accountable to high standards.

I have utmost confidence in my abilities to serve as your trusted expert and adviser, and would therefore like to respectfully
ask you to become my client.


What a great day for my dear buyers to land this SWEET house in The Village At Saratoga?? What a PLEASURE to work with Marykay Greenfield, the listing agent extraordinaire????
What a great day for my dear seller!
It was such an honor and pleasure to help this dear lady sell her gorgeous home!  #workfrommyheart #HeadDownHeartup #ilovemyclients #testimonialtuesday
OPEN HOUSE! Sat 11- Don’t miss this charmer in The Fairways at McGregor Links Golf Course, Wilton | Get your mortgage questions answered by Andy Rubino | Hosted by Michelle Helstowski, Spencer Dawson
JUST LISTED! 48 Fieldstone Drive, Wilton, NY 12831!
CLOSED! This one was a very LONG and rocky road loaded with obstacles! I couldn’t be more mama-bear-like proud of my super young (under age 30) investors for persevering as we landed at the closing table today!
It was quite a journey with this lovely lady and we found her the perfect home! #workfrommyheart #TestimonialTuesday #HeadDownHeartup #ilovemyclients
So very happy for my dear sellers! They accepted a great offer! This property is now pending!
After many months of searching...we did it! My buyers win!
This unique property has a full 2 BR apartment on the lower floor, great rental, potential or In-law apt apt. $365,000. 10 min to Track, 8 min to Saratoga Lake - 138 Wagmans Ridge Rd, Saratoga Springs
CLOSING DAY! It was a long and winding road to the closing table and WE DID IT! Huge congratulations to my super happy buyer!
It sure has been a journey for my buyers in this market and we just never gave up, now they’re being rewarded with an outstanding home!
It’s important to keep our skills sharp and never stop learning.  #negotiationskillsmatter
Super exciting day for my dear sellers ??????#saratogaspringsrealestate
The reward is real when you can help someone find a house they love! #workfrommyheart #TestimonialTuesday #HeadDownHeartup
JUST LISTED! West side of Saratoga Springs, Little slice of heaven - 277 W Circular St - 1 mi to downtown, 2 mi to Track, 1728 Sq, GORGEOUS backyard sanctuary!
It was an honor and pleasure to help this family sell their home! #workfrommyheart #HeadDownHeartup #ilovemyclients #saratogaspringsrealestate #TestimonialTuesday
My seller accepted a great offer on this land! Win-Win for all!
JUST LISTED! This unique property has a full 2 BR apartment on the lower floor, great rental, potential or Inlaw apartment! $395,000! 10 min to Track! 8 min to Saratoga Lake! Open House Sat 7/22 from 11-1pm! 138 Wagmans Ridge Rd, Saratoga Springs #saratogaspringsrealestate
Dear friends, we NEED houses to sell??We have buyers & not enough houses??Call/text me today at 518-573-1112 to see what your home is worth??NO obligation ever?? ~Elizabeth
It’s so much fun and the reward is real when helping 1st time home buyers! #workfrommyheart #HeadDownHeartup #ilovemyclients #TestimonialTuesday
??SOLD??A huge congratulations to my dear sellers as they embark on the next chapter of their lives?? It was an honor and pleasure working with these awesome folks ?? I will truly miss them ?????? #workfrommyheart #ilovemyclients #HeadDownHeartup
Just in time for the 4th of July, check out my latest listing near Saratoga battlefield  ?????????????? Tired of waiting for the right house to come on the market?Why not build??
Multiple offers and my buyers’ was accepted ??????She is one happy lady ??????
My buyer is only 32 years old and just snagged his 2nd investment property ???????????????????????? #workfrommyheart #ilovemyclients
??CLOSING DAY??What an exciting day for my buyer ?? This house is PRISTINE??????????Multiple offers & ours was accepted ??????
Do you know anyone who needs their house sold for the most??in less time???? Call/text me today (c)518.573.1112 ??
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Elizabeth Page

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