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March 02, 2017
Whether it’s going to a doctor's appointment or picking up the weekly groceries, seniors rely on retaining their independence by being able to drive to those locations. However, as we age, we lose our strength, coordination, and flexibility, which can have a major impact on our ability to safely control a car.
On Thursday, March 30 at 11 a.m., Maria Geizer, community relations director, Home Instead Senior Care Saratoga Springs, will discuss, “Safe Driving for Seniors” at The Summit at Saratoga, 1 Perry Road, Saratoga Springs.
Geizer will talk about the warning signs for older drivers that may point to driving retirement. She will also outline other options for getting around, tests older drivers can take to know if they are still safe on the road, as well as how family members of older drivers can start the conversation about paring back their loved one’s time behind the wheel.
“Each of use ages differently, so there is no cutoff as to when someone should stop driving,” said Geizer. “However, older adults are more likely to receive traffic citations and get into accidents than younger drivers. In fact, in 2014, AAA reported that 5,709 senior drivers were killed and 221,000 were injured in traffic crashes. To continue driving safely, therefore, we all need to recognize that changes can happen, get help when they do, and be willing to listen when others voice their concerns.”
The presentation is free and open to the public. Seating is limited. Reserve your place by calling (518) 430-2136, or emailing Light refreshments will be served. For directions to the community, visit
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