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News Release: 8/23/2019

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August 23, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   August 12, 2019
Ravenous Celebrates 20 Years In Downtown Saratoga Springs
A month long Anniversary Celebration begins October 1st!
Saratoga Springs, NY – August 12, 2019 – Ravenous Restaurant will be serving sweet and savory crepes and pommes frites and poutine at 21 Phila Street in downtown Saratoga Springs for 20 years in October. A month long celebration will begin October 1st with details to be announced in September.
Ravenous began on Phila Street when the Mother-and-son team, Tina Laino and Francesco D’Amico, along with Francesco’s future wife, Lauren Wickizer, first opened the creperie’s doors in 1999. Moving from Seattle, Washington and looking for a change that allowed them to try something completely new, the trio made the decision to enter the hospitality business full time.
“When we arrived in 1998, there were really just a handful of mom and pop restaurants in town,” said Lauren Wickizer. Wickizer continued, “Hattie’s was here, Scallions, Sperry’s, Little India, Chianti’s, Wheatfield’s and Beverly’s, but not much more than that. It was a whole different world. The parking lot across from Ravenous wasn’t even there yet. It was just a small dirt lot.”
The concept for the eatery was described as conceived “out of thin air”. After doing their research and visiting a variety of restaurants in Seattle and San Francisco as well as NYC, “European Street Food,” was decided upon as the eatery’s theme. At a time when crepes were starting to become popular again on the west coast, they decided to create a creperie called “Ravenous”.
Once a used record shop called “Probe Records”, the space at 21 Phila Street was purchased and gutted in October 1999. The amazing mural that can be seen on the restaurant wall today, was painted in that same year by Tina’s friend, Claudia McNulty. When asked what early crepes were part of the Ravenous menu in 1999, Wickizer replied, “Early Ravenous featured crepes included Veggie Cachet, Taj Mahal, Left Bank and Chicken Bechamel. They became ‘tried and true favorites’ that were never taken off the menu because they were such good sellers.”
David Zuka and business partner Julie Raymond, after patronizing the creperie as customers since they moved to the region in 2003, purchased Ravenous in 2014.  Zuka and Raymond were committed to the original mission of providing simple, fresh food made from scratch, while growing the business. Zuka, who bought Raymond out last year, has more than three decades of experience in the hospitality industry. As Executive Chef of the restaurant, he describes the crepes he prepares as “a vehicle for a chef’s creativity and interests because of the vast variety of ingredients I can put in them!”
“I am thankful to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ravenous in October!” reflected Zuka. “Of course this would not have been possible without the dedicated support of Ravenous patrons and staff throughout two decades. One of our long-time employees, Maggie, has been cutting pommes frites since day one and still anchors our team as the heart and soul of Ravenous. I am grateful to her, and everyone on my staff as well as everyone who has patronized us and considers Ravenous, ‘a Saratoga Springs fixture’.” In closing, when asked about his plans for Ravenous in the years ahead, Zuka replied, “While I always have my eyes on opportunities for expansion and growth, I look to continue the heritage of wonderful meals and traditional favorites which have made Ravenous an instant favorite among many since it arrived on the local cuisine scene in 1999.”

Ravenous, located at 21 Phila Street, is downtown Saratoga’s only crepe restaurant. For twenty years, Ravenous has been serving a wide selection of savory and sweet crepes for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.  Ravenous also offers New York State beer and hard cider as well as a wide variety of wine by the glass or by the bottle. Ravenous crepe fillings include traditional French favorites (like Ratatouille and Ham & Gruyere) as well as other more creative fillings from around the world. Delectable dessert crepes feature fresh fruit, Nutella, fromage blanc, and homemade whipped cream. For twenty years, Ravenous has been committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients available to prepare daily from scratch for crepes sauces, frites and beverages. Ravenous is open for lunch and dinner Tuesdays through Fridays and brunch and dinner on weekends. For more information, visit
For more information please contact:
(518) 365-3459
David Zuka
(518) 581-0560

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