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Installation Technician

Posted: 04/12/2023

Ambiance Installation Technicians are responsible for the installation of lighting control systems, home automation equipment, home theatre & media rooms, motorized shading and drapery equipment, video conferencing & boardroom solutions, networking and audio/video distribution systems. We design and engineer our own solutions and our technicians bring these designs to life by executing them in a neat and orderly manner and bringing pride to the team. The technician carries projects across the finish line, on time and on budget. Other than the sales consultant, the technician is the onsite representative of the company. 

After a system has been successfully installed, we service and maintain our systems and our technicians are our technical troubleshooters that we rely on to fix client issues or perform preventative maintenance on our systems. Whether it is a wireless networking issue or a failing piece of equipment in the equipment rack, our technicians get to the root of the issue. 

Although not a requirement for the position, certifications often enhance the technician knowledge and job satisfaction of technicians, especially when there is no formal technology education. On the residential side, this is accomplished through CEDIA’s certification programs and on the commercial side through InfoComm/AVIXA International’s certification programs. Technicians are encouraged to grow their technology knowledge, through the company and independently, and seek to achieve certification through one or both of these programs. Ambiance encourages our team members to increase their knowledge base and become task experts in any areas of interest. We foster the on the job training environment until a new technician is ready to fly solo. 

Some of the daily tasks performed by Ambiance technicians include, but are not limited to: 

· Deliver & install audio/video equipment and equipment racks to project site 

· Connect cables at distribution panels to equipment racks 

· Install keypads and touchscreens and prepare them for programming 

· Perform field testing & troubleshooting & assists in customer education/training 

· Use drawings and documentation to assemble, verify and test systems and components prior to delivery to customer 

· Pull low-voltage cable & Install conduit 

· Use cable testing equipment and handle basic cable dressing 

· Terminate cable using proper cable connector tools, approved connector installation techniques and correct connector pin-out standards. 

· Install modular connectors and wall plates for data, telephone, audio, television, and other low-voltage applications 

· Load equipment and necessary tools onto the truck. 

· Ensure maintenance and upkeep of the company vehicles & notify the office if inventory levels run low. 

· Submit service reports to service manager as required. 

Although we are a small company, there is still opportunity for growth and we pride ourselves on hiring from within. Many technicians have moved on to hold lead technician, project coordination, programming, or engineering roles. It really depends on the passion and strengths of a technician. It all begins with the technician and finding the areas of interest to master and become the expert. Being that Ambiance provides custom design solutions and is part of an ever changing and evolving industry, an Ambiance technician is never bored and always has the opportunity to grow and move into other areas of the company.

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