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Fulltime Hannaford To Go

Posted: 04/19/2022

Qualifications: Effective communication and customer service skills. Must meet minimum age requirements to perform specific job functions (18 years of age). Demonstrated ability and willingness to learn multiple tasks and technical requirements of the job. Demonstrated ability to perform the technical requirements for Hannaford to Go Service
. Essential Job Functions:
• Promote customer goodwill by providing high standards in customer service. • Review customer orders for potential errors, questions, or notes.
• Review all orders for accuracy and quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Communicate order information and changes to customers via email, phone, and direct conversation.
• Seek store leadership assistance when needed for customer service or to address operational concerns.
• Partner with Department Managers to ensure fresh orders, particularly those with cutlist, are handled properly.
• Assist customers picking up orders at designated pickup location.
• Handle cash pickups and change orders as requested, and log as required.
• Verify all customer IDs presented and observe store policies pertaining to the acceptance of checks, and the sale alcoholic beverages.
• Provide customers and associates with refunds, over-rings and other transactions requiring approvals or overrides.
• Ensure all customers’ orders are shopped on time and available when customers arrive. Any potential delays in service should be promptly shared with HTG Leadership and/or store leadership.
• Must be able to meet the physical requirements of the position, with or without reasonable accommodations. Duties and Responsibilities:+
• Observe and follow all company policies and established procedures.
• Maintain a neat, well-groomed personal appearance always and follow company personal appearance policy.
• Treat all associates with fairness, dignity, and respect. • Assist in special projects and perform other functions as assigned by supervisor.
• Ensure that return-to-stock items are handled in a prompt and orderly manner with the most immediate attention given to refrigerated and other perishable items.
• Support and comply with all company safety standards. Communicate any needed equipment repairs or maintenance work needed. Keep work area free from debris and safety hazards.
• Bag or package merchandise according to established company policies and procedures and store in designated area for customer pick up.
• Control excessive use of store supplies, such as ribbons, receipt tape, bags, labels and cleaning materials. • Assist in prompt cleanup of spills and breakage of glass or plastic containers to eliminate potential hazards and prevent accidents.
• Be knowledgeable in and able to recognize or differentiate between all of the various types of produce merchandise carried in the store including differences between varieties of similar classes of products (e.g., apples, lettuces, etc.).
• Record on designated forms any price discrepancies and/or any “not on file” items that are encountered on electronic point-of-sale terminal, request price checks promptly on any such items according to company policy.
• Observe security standards by staying alert and being aware of customers’ actions and behavior. Report to manager or security any abnormal behavior.
• Process all the various types of sales transactions accepted by the store including but not necessarily limited to cash, checks, authorized Accounts Receivable sales, Electronic Payments, WIC coupons, Food Stamps, manufacturers’ coupons, gift cards, bottle deposits, bottle refunds, merchandise refunds in strict accordance with established company policies and procedures including full compliance with any legal requirements or regulations governing same.
• Secure registers, Mobile POS Equipment, HH Units at all times when leaving it unattended; protect company assets at all times.
• Maintain general housekeeping and sanitation standards in compliance with store policy and state and local health regulations on a regular, ongoing basis.
• Perform all other duties as assigned. 

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