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Business Intelligence Analyst

Posted: 01/23/2023

The Business Intelligence Analyst analyzes the internal and external data associated with the performance of the company. They provide business insights across departments to help make informed decisions, assess risks and stay ahead of industry trends. To help better understand the internal business, the Business Intelligence Analyst must mine raw data across the company, then analyze, and convert the data into actionable information for the creation of performance goals and risk assessments.

This information helps internal teams across the bo
ard make informed decisions, and improve processes that are rooted in sound business analytics.  In order to provide the most insightful information, the Business Intelligence Analyst will work cross-functionally to conduct market surveys and compare internal findings against competitors to assess performance in relation to market trends.  

This role will also act as the translator between technical and non-technical roles to help them make use of the data in terms they understand.

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