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PM Line Cook

Posted: 02/02/2024

POSITION: Sauté/Grill/Fry/Pizza Cook
NUMBER OF DAYS PER WEEK: Varies upon availability and restaurant needs.
HOURS PER SHIFT: 7-12 hour shift (varies upon sales volume).
JOB SUMMARY: Responsibilities include reading tickets, making orders, sauté, grill, pizza oven, broiler, ensuring all items are made correctly, communicating with other cooks, prepping product as needed, maintaining cleanliness and sanitation, performing clean up duties, assisting other staff members, counting prepped product.
DESCRIPTION OF TASKS: Set up station, set up according to pars, prep any product needed, read all tickets, prepare orders, coordinate orders with other stations, communicate with other stations and expediter, make food orders, ensure quality food, keeps area clean, maintain cleanliness and sanitation, set up and break down all equipment used, assist other staff members.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Continuous standing (100%), frequent reaching/ grasping/ handling (100%), walking (20%), lifting and carrying (0-50 lb.), frequent pushing and pulling (0-30 lb.), occasional stooping/ bending/ crouching.
ACCOUNTABILITIES: Teamwork, professionalism, accurate recipes and presentations, ensures quality products at all times, meet specified cook times, maintain sanitation, maintain costs.
SKILLS and ABILITIES: Communication, mobility, vision, reading, hearing, manual dexterity.
TRAINING: Provided . 5-9 days of training with shadowing.
HAZARDS: Must follow proper safety precautions at all times to prevent injuries. Slip resistant shoes required.
EQUIPMENT USED: Walk-in and reach-in coolers, steam tables, mixers, tongs, salamander, knives, spatula, plates, griddle, oven, dish machine,  broiler, burners, pans, towels, cleaning solutions, can opener, scale, measuring utensils, scoops, ladles, spoons, microwave, hot plate, broom, dust pan, mop, water hose, squeegee, thermometer, ticket slide, bowls, fryer, pasta cooker, wire whisk.
JOB REQUIREMENTS: Must adhere to WOW Restaurants’ (Wheatfields & BWP) uniform, procedure and performance standards and policies and must maintain a professional image.   Qualified candidate is energetic, forward thinking, follows direction, receives constructive criticism, and has a very even temperament.  Wheatfields is a fresh pasta concept requiring skilled line cooks; to execute standards consistently, precision and speed is a must.  A qualified candidate is energetic, enthusiastic, has a strong work ethic, moves quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
EXPERIENCE: This position requires prior line cook experience.
JOB MODIFICATIONS: This position can be modified by reduction of hours and shifts per week.

If you are interested in this position, please visit us in person to complete an application at 440 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  For more information about our restaurants visit:

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