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Kitchen Supervisor

Posted: 05/08/2022

General Statement of Duties and Responsibilities

This is a part-time position responsible for training and supervising Caffe Lena’s volunteer hospitality staff. The Kitchen Supervisor works side by side with the volunteers Thursday through Sunday, including weekend matinees, to ensure consistently excellent food service in a live music environment. They will create an atmosphere that is safe, fulfilling and positive for volunteers of all ages and skill levels. The right Kitchen Supervisor will be detail-oriented, confident in a leadership role, and eager to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

1) Teach and oversee proper preparation of all menu items, paying special attention to plating and presentation, temperature, portioning, and consistency of recipe.

2)  Cultivate a climate of teamwork and goodwill. The volunteers should be made to feel appreciated, and be given the tools and knowledge to do good work in an organized and happy environment.

3) Enforce current NYS Department of Health regulations governing use of food service gloves and hair restraints, storage of food and dishes, dishwashing procedures, general cleanliness of the kitchen.

4) Maintain security of alcohol stock and ensure that underage staff are not handling alcohol.

Additional Responsibilities

1) Immediately convey customer concerns or mishaps regarding food quality and service to the House Manager. At the end of the night, share with the manager any observations about customer reactions.

2) Limit volunteers to one canned or bottled non-alcoholic drink per shift. Coffee & tea are unlimited. Staff food be limited to those items that are extras or in ample supply. It’s best if volunteers share the food items rather than one per person.

3) See that all dishes, bottles and other recyclables are collected from the Green Room at the end of the night.

4) See that the performance room and lobby are free of dishes, debris and spills at the end of the night. Tables should all be wiped down and floor should be spot swept.

5) Check paper towel, toilet paper and soap dispensers to be sure they are adequately stocked for the week.

6) See that trash and recycling is collected from lobby, offices, sound booth, rest rooms and kitchen and taken out at the end of the night.

7) Report any stock shortages to the manager.

8) Leave fridges stocked at the end of the night with non-alcoholic cold drinks and items from the freezer.

9) Mop kitchen floor, or delegate a volunteer to do so.

10) Make sure that the dishwasher, coffee maker and panini press are properly shut down, carafes are cleaned and set to air dry, and counters and fridges are neat, clean and ready for the next show.


Physical/Environmental Requirements

Physical effort and dexterity:  this position will be required to regularly lift and carry up to 25 pounds. Some stooping and kneeling will be necessary.

Visual acuity hearing and speaking: The Kitchen Manager must have excellent oral communication skills.

Environment and scheduling: 80% of the job is spent standing; 10% is walking and 10% is spent sitting.


Candidates whose disability makes them unable to perform a non-essential job function will still be considered fully qualified for the position if they can perform the essential functions with reasonable accommodations.


Hours and Compensation

This is a part-time position expected to consume approximately 24 to 30 hours per week, on average. Compensation is $16 per hour.  

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