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Business Listings and Reviews Management & Generation ($25 a month off)
Branding - Address - Phone & Website Published on Aggregator Sites & Apps
Have you checked how your busienss is being displayed on the 70 main business listings sites and apps? Business listings in clude Google Map, Business, Facebook, Yelp, ForSquare and many others. People use these lsitigns sites/apps to find what their looking for locally. Not being there or having in accurate information is catistrophic. 

​We will popualte and lock all these business listings as well as monitor your reviews by notifing you of any new reviews instantly. Repling to reviews is more important than most business owners think. Someone reading a review is 60% more likely to give a business a chance as long as they have responded to reviews. 

​We will scan your entire online presence and present you with our findings and recommendations in person without pressure.

​For Chamber member we'll do this for free and offer business lsitings management for $50 a month, that's $25.00 a month off. We look forward to hearing from you.
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